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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide all students every opportunity to succeed in school, be college and career ready when they leave, and lead productive and honorable adult lives.




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Our Shared Vision

Our shared vision for Moore County High School addresses three important areas: Student growth and achievement, character development, and a healthy and dynamic environment for student learning. 
We believe MCHS should be a place in which students, teachers, and the community take pride. School pride equals success both inside and outside the classroom. In order to help instill 
pride, student growth, achievement and accomplishment will be celebrated and recognized. The faculty and staff of MCHS will foster a positive environment that will inspire students to grow 
academically and embrace their school. We will do this by: modeling work ethic and character; setting high expectations while inspiring students to achieve them, and celebrating student success in all aspects of school life. 
We will teach both content and character. Teachers will emphasize skills and processes that give students the best opportunity to be successful in school and beyond. They will teach important 
character traits, such as self-discipline and goal setting, and provide students the knowledge and opportunities to develop as leaders. Equality and fairness will be emphasized and practiced by 
everyone. Students will be motivated to take responsibility for their own learning. 
The research based strategies of professional learning communities will be used by the faculty and administration of MCHS to create a safe, positive, and dynamic learning environment where students love to come and teachers love to teach. We will embrace positive change and the common core state standards to provide the depth of understanding and higher order thinking skills necessary for students to excel in the 21st Century. We will be a learning community where 
collaboration is the norm, and personal responsibility and accountability are valued.
Moore County High School is a 7th Grade through 12th Grade public school with a student population of 470. It is located in historic Lynchburg, Tennessee. School colors are Columbia Blue and White. The school mascot is the Blue Raider.