2-13-2023 5:00-6:00 MCHS Library: Public Hearing

Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1302 mandates that Tennessee school systems implement a Family Life Curriculum for students.

Moore County Schools uses Decisions, Choices, and Options, Inc (DCO) to fulfill this requirement for our middle school students. DCO’S MISSION is to empower all youth with Sexual Risk Avoidance education by providing medically accurate programs that guide them to optimal health in every area of their lives. 

Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting to learn about the program.   


Christie Shaw will present a brief overview of the Healthy Boundaries and Life Choices curriculum which addresses the following:

  1. Sexual risk avoidance- Abstinence as the only 100% effective birth control
  2. How to establish healthy boundaries
  3. Refusal Skills
  4. Positive impact of adults in a student’s life
  5. The impact of having a positive self-worth
  6. How to implement boundaries regarding social media, sexting, and pornography
  7. How to avoid putting yourself at risk of sexual predators
  8. Cause/Effect and choices/consequences to when boundaries are crossed


Audience members will be able to ask questions, review the curriculum, and voice concerns after the presentation.

For more information, contact Coordinated School Health Director, Wendy Hart.

[email protected]