Important Updates About the Start of the 19-20 School Year!

  • Student drop off and pick up will not change from previous years.  ALL students, whether bus riders or car riders, will be picked up and dropped off in front of the building.  It is very important that parents who pick their students up in the afternoons do so in the front. Also, please do not come before 3 PM for afternoon pick up.  If you park on campus before the buses leave in the afternoon, you may be asked to leave.
  • For a few days, the main entrance of the high school will not be operational.  Everyone will be asked to enter the building from one of the classroom doors to the left of the main entrance.
  • High school students that drive to school will park as they did last year.
  • High School students will NOT have lockers to begin the school year.  Please only bring items necessary for school as there will not be a convenient place to store non-essential items.
  • We ask that visitors to our campus be kept to a minimum.  We will be attempting to have productive school days while allowing construction to continue.  There is enough activity on our campus right now, we do not need to add to the confusion. Please understand that, unless you have legitimate school business, you may be refused entry to the building.
  • The MCHS campus and school building are both undergoing massive changes.  This project was a 2-year project from the start. While things are “not very pretty” right now, it will be beautiful when we are finished.
We will not be having an Open House for the renovation of our school until next fall. Please be patient as we work on our #RaiderUpgrades!