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School Calendar Survey

As Director of Schools it is my responsibility to recommend a school calendar to the Board of Education.  For the past several years I have used a committee of anyone in our school community that is interested in participating.  I have prepared a survey for the 2016-17 School calendar and I would like to have your input.  

Please take a moment to review the three calendars below.  After you have looked at these calendars please complete the survey to provide your feedback on these options.

Calendar A: is the same schedule as the current school year with the exception of closing schools on November 8 for the presidential election.  (MCHS is a polling location and for security reasons it may not be best for students to be on campus that day.)  The school year would extend beyond Memorial Day.

Calendar B: The biggest difference in Calendar B is that the school year ends before Memorial Day.  This is accomplished by having school in session on Oct. 28th which is the start of the BBQ (This year we closed schools on that day in order to be able to have fund raising activities at the event.) and by moving one of the teacher in-service days to election day.

Calendar C: Is a calendar that maximizes the amount of time out of school during summer break.  The vacation days during the school year are minimized in order to start the year later and finish it earlier.  I put this out as an option just so you would know what it would look like. 

16-17 Calendar Process

MC Schools 16-17 Calendar Survey