School Safety & Transportation

Moore County Schools has established Emergency Operations Procedures for Lynchburg Elementary School, Moore County High School, and buses which are transporting our students.  We regularly practice these procedures in an effort to better prepare for crisis situations.

What parents can do to help out during a crisis?
1. Remain calm.
2. Wait for the text/phone alert with instructions.
3. Remain calm.


The Moore County Schools' Transportation Department strives to 
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provide the safest and most efficient transportation possible.
Safety is our primary concern and the foundation of our department. We work hard to provide quality transportation while continually upgrading our district's changing needs and meeting the Tennessee state guidelines. To be successful in our efforts, it is essential for all of us to work together toward the same goals of safe, efficient transportation, whether you are a bus driver, student, school employee, or parent.

For bus safety concerns please call 931-759-3718
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