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Reason to Celebrate!

posted Jan 15, 2014, 9:25 AM by Chad Moorehead   [ updated Jan 15, 2014, 9:50 AM ]
During preseason football camp in the late summer of 1991, the football team was gathered on the porch of the dining hall out at the TAG camp.  The day of practice had been long and very hot.  We were preparing for “lights out” in the cabins.  The coaching staff had given final instructions for the night but stopped for a few words from a teammate from a few years back.  (Notice I did not say a “former teammate,” because once you are  a Raider, you are always a Raider).  Wes Fanning had been a leader on the team when the current group of senior players were freshmen in 1988.  Wes spoke for a moment, and then he started playing his guitar.  Wes sang a rendition of a hit of the group “Alabama” from a few years prior.  The original song was “My Home’s in Alabama”, but Wes had changed the song to “My Home’s in Moore County”.  I am fairly certain I still have a cassette tape of the song tucked away with all of my old football memories.  I think about that night and that version of that song often.  

That was my senior year.  My classmates honored me with the title of “Most School Spirit.”

 I have always had a lot of pride in our schools.  But, honestly, the pride I feel is more than for our schools, it is for our community--our county.  We live in a very special place.  Few communities experience what we have here.  Our county is unique in many ways.  We may not always agree, but we will come together for each other in times of need without thinking twice.  We take care of each other, whether you were born here or moved in later.  We are more than a community, we are a family.

If our research is correct our high school, not the building, but Moore County High School, will soon be 100 years old.  Records indicate that MCHS convened for classes on August 24, 1914.  What a milestone!  (We are still attempting to determine if the class of 2014 or 2015 will be the 100th group of students to graduate.  Based on the information available, we have reason to believe it could be either.  If you have documentation that would help, please let me know!)  Our small school is not able to offer all of the various courses that larger schools nearby can offer.  We do not have the most technologically advanced school in the area.  There are several disadvantages to having such a small school in a rural area, there is no doubt.  The advantages, however, far outweigh these issues.  One of those advantages is that our children have teachers that know them, personally.  Our children are able to learn and know each member of their class.  They learn to care for each other and the adults that are taking care of them, not only the adults that are responsible for their learning from the time they are five years old (or younger) but also the adults that are taking care of the buildings and cooking their meals.  This is where our sense of community begins.  Our children are growing up in a community that cares for them, and our faculty and staff are simply an extension of that community in our school buildings.  Despite what our tourists might think, our schools are the center of our community.  

We cannot let this milestone pass without celebration.  We are a great community; we are a great family.  We are all Raiders…..WE are Moore County!

Chad Moorehead