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MCHS Renovation Update (February 24, 2015)

posted Feb 24, 2015, 10:11 AM by Chad Moorehead

Several months ago  I was asked to attend a meeting of the budget committee to discuss upcoming projects.  The high school renovation project was a major topic and really moved forward after that meeting.  Our school board had been discussing this project, but the budget committee specifically asked for a plan to be developed.  The plan is ready.  The plan was developed to address the immediate needs of the building as well as anticipated future needs.  During the January Metro Council meeting our engineers/architects presented this plan to the council.

Last night I met with the budget committee of the Metro Council.  The budget committee members had some concerns with the projected cost of the project.  $17.5 million is a large number, especially when you are talking about county tax dollars.  The sticker shock has now caused a change in ideas.

The results of the meeting last night were:

  1. The school board has been asked to prioritize the needs of the school and justify those needs to the budget committee, and;

  2. The chairman of the budget committee (Tommy Brown) asked to hear from people that are interested in a new gym for MCHS.  Mr. Brown indicated that he has not heard from anyone that believes that a new gymnasium is needed.  Mr. David Boyce voiced similar concerns regarding the new gym.  Mr. Brown specifically asked to hear from people that are not affiliated with the school (I am not sure if that includes employees only or employees and parents of students) and people with low income levels.

I believe that the budget committee has legitimate questions regarding the plan to renovate MCHS.  The school board and I will do our best to answer those questions for the committee.  The question regarding the public support for the plan is the question that we cannot answer by ourselves.  Does the community support the plan for a new gym and/or baseball/softball lights?  Should the security of our school building be upgraded significantly?  Should we have a kitchen and cafeteria that better meets the needs of our students?  

We need your help.  I believe that the council needs to hear from everyone.  Please encourage all residents to speak up on this issue.   As a resident of Moore County we need for you to be engaged in this discussion.  Talk to your council member and school board member, but also talk to your friends and neighbors and get them engaged.  Ask them to tell the council and school board, especially the budget committee, what they think of the plan to renovate Moore County High School.   If there is not enough support for the plan, then it should be delayed.  If the community supports the plan, then we should move forward while interest rates are so low.

The Metro Council:

1st District

2nd District

3rd District

4th District

5th District

Amy Cashion

Patrick Maynard

*Gordon Millsaps

Arvis Bobo

*Tommy Brown

*Colemam March

*Wayne Hawkins

Marty Copeland

Shawn Adams

Anthony Brandon

Parks Norman

Glenn Searcy

Wayne Rhoton

*David Boyce

Denning Harder

*Denotes budget committee members.

School Board:

1st District

2nd District

3rd District

4th District

5th District

Ed Cashion

Richard Riddle

Jammie Cashion

Ronnie Smith

Lorrie McKenzie

When you speak to your elected officials, please thank them for serving in this capacity.  There are only a few people that are willing to do so.


Chad Moorehead

Director of Schools