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MCHS Facility Renovation Plan

posted Jan 20, 2015, 9:05 AM by Chad Moorehead   [ updated Jan 20, 2015, 9:36 AM ]
MCHS Renovation Concept

The Moore County Board of Education and OLG Engineering (Tullahoma) presented a plan to renovate and upgrade the facilities at Moore County High School to the Metro Council on Monday, January 19th.  The school board and OLG have been working for months to put together a plan that would increase security, expand instructional time, and modernize the school building and athletic facilities.  The plan includes: 
  • A new kitchen attached to what is now the "commons area" at MCHS.
  • Converting the "commons area" into a dining hall that would seat roughly half the student body at once.  This will allow more students to be served in less time.  Less time in the cafeteria means more instructional time.
  • A new hallway and classrooms that would allow for greater security (students will not have to leave the building during the school day to get to classes held outside the main building).  Also, this allows all entrances to be locked during the school day except for the main entrance which will be upgraded, as well.
  • A new gymnasium that would seat up to 1,500 spectators along with new locker rooms.  This would allow for opposing teams to use our current locker rooms instead of dressing in classrooms.  It will also allow our teams to host TSSAA tournaments and Sub State games for home court advantage.
  • Lights for the baseball and softball fields to allow for games to occur later in the evening so that more parents can attend.
  • Upgraded football stadium, concessions, and restrooms.
  • Upgraded parking and traffic flow, separating bus and car rider pickups in the AM and PM.
  • New energy efficient HVAC systems that will lower utilities and maintenance costs related to heating and cooling the building.
  • Upgraded wireless internet infrastructure that would allow for every student to carry and use an internet capable device (laptop, tablet computer, etc.).